Revision Notes

After class, good notes are crucial for reviewing and studying class material so that you better understand it and can prepare appropriately for exams. Efficient and concise notes can save you time, energy, and confusion that often results from trying to make sense of disorganized, overwhelming, insufficient, or wordy notes. Good notes can provide a great resource for creating outlines and studying. Reviewing your notes gives you the chance to cement in the information you do know and remind yourself of the parts that have been more easily overlooked or forgotten. Frequently reviewing your notes allows you to link the weaker pieces of information to the stronger ones through connections that may not have been so evident when you were taking the notes.
  • Notes are neatly organized, summarized, and easy to review
  • Allows learners to pull out major ideas and concepts
  • Useful for visual learners who struggle with studying from notes.
  • Helps learners remember and connect relationships between topics and concepts.
  • Facts are organized and easy to review.
  • Highlights key pieces of information for each topic.
  • Main points help learners determine which information is important and which is not.
  • You are able to cover a lot of details and information quickly.
  • Notes are simplified for study and review